Aquarium filter Sera fil bioactive 130 with UV lamp

Product no.: S-30602-Sera fil bioactive 130 +UV

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Permanently crystal clear and biologically clean water with the new sera fil bioactive filter system.

  • immediately ready for use and biologically active
  • easy to start
  • easy to clean
  • low energy consumption
  • quiet operation
  • long life time
  • quick breakdown of ammonium and nitrite

With its innovative filter medium sera siporax, this filter provides 34 times as much filter performance than with common ceramic filter material.

  1. Filter power head
    • Pump and cable
    • Intake suction pump for an easy and convenient start
    • Clip locks
  2. Filter mat and filter sponge for mechanical filtration
  3. Filter media basket
    • Separately removable
    • Retractable handles for easy removal and cleaning
  4. sera siporax filter medium for biological filtration
  5. Filter case with
    • rubber feet for a safe stand and acoustic insulation
    • locks
  6. Outlet tube
  7. Tube connector
  8. 90 ° angle piece
  9. Spray bar
  10. Stopper
  11. Water outlet (can be used instead of the spray bar)
  12. Intake tube
  13. Intake strainer
  14. suction cup holders
  15. 2 hoses, 150 cm each
  16. sera filter biostart with enzymes and purification bacteria for immediate biological pollutant breakdown
  17. 580 g sera siporax filter medium
    • 1 Liter (290 g) with 34 times as much filter performance compared to common ceramic filter materialMulti-function valve
      • Hose connection
      • Rotatable water intake and outlet
      • Multi-purpose handle for water flow regulation and quick water shutoff


Dimensions: 30.4 x 22.34 x 22.3 cm



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