AquaActiv Algo Direct OASE eliminates algae pond

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AquaActiv Algo Direct OASE

  • Especially for the local treatment of filamentous algae and rapid, such as in streams
  • It acts by direct contact
  • Disintegrate the microorganisms remains of dead algae
  • Includes quick test pH-/GH-/KH
  • The active substance shortly decomposes into oxygen and water, so it can be applied to swimming ponds
  • Copper acts without controversial additives
  • Use algaecides safely!
  • Before use, always read the identification and product information
  • Available in 500ml


Whoever considers the pond habitat for animals and plants known to be the set between life and art. And like us, pond-3.jpglas people, we would enjoy the welfare and care, also fits well with each pond cleaning treatment. Each passes through a developing tank. Plants and fish grow. During estanque-3.jpg
year the pond goes through hot summers and cold periods in winter. To maintain a healthy pond in the changing seasons and the cycles of life is important to have clear concepts about water quality. The can easily check yourself and, if you have something out of balance, it may regulate. This is always one step ahead of the cloudiness of water. You will have to dip briefly in water Quickstick Aqua Activ and you can set quickly and easily using a color scale pH value, total hardness, carbonate hardness and the level of nitrites and nitrates. Also for the care of the pond ecosystem program OASE Aqua Activ offers everything you need for healthy water permanently. For example, Sludge Reducer helps clean the water carefully and helps prevent siltation and turbidity permanent.

Healthy Pond:
who want to know exactly the state of the water quality of your pond find OASE Water Test on our website.

They can also enter the OASE LAB's free online at the following link:




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