Sunsun JDP-10000 water pump adjustable flow rate

Product no.: LW/JDP-10000 bomba regulable estanque/19

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Water pump with adjustable flow





Use both in fresh and salt water in aquariums and ponds.
Installation below the water level (it is not self-aspirating).
Use submersible or out of water (for external use it is very important to prime the pump beforehand).
The SunSun JDP 10000 high-end water pump is a pump with intelligent multifunction control panel, with adjustable flow and power and with automatic shut-off system when there is no water flow. They are silent and of great durability.
Smart controller:
  • You can adjust 5 levels of pumping.
  • Use a 24 V power supply to make the pump absolutely safe for fish.
  • When there is a power cut, the configuration does not change. The memory function can maintain the same configuration after each reboot.
  • The pause mode is deactivated after 10 minutes to switch it on again.
  • Support to filter the foam.
  • Save 50% of electricity compared to conventional pumps.
  • The core of the pump is wrapped with high quality copper wire.
  • Size: 19.5 × 9.5 × 12.5 cm
  • Capacity: 20-100W
Parameters of the 5 levels of pumping:
  • Level 1:     20W -     6000 l/h        2.2 m
  • Level 2:     40W -     7500 l h        3.5 m
  • Level 3:     60W -     8500 l/h        4.4 m
  • Level 4:     80W -     9400 l/h        5.2 m
  • Level 5:    100W -    10000 l/h      5.8 m


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