Pressure pond filter Sunsun CPF-380 with UVC 11w clarifier

Pressure pond filter Sunsun CPF-380 with UVC 11w clarifier

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SunSun CPF-380

Pressure Pond Filter

with UVC 11W Clarifier

ponds up to 12.000 liters







Sunsun pressure pond filter with UVC 11w


• Contamination indicator
• Large water flow through
• Optimal development of pond filter biology
• Easy and uncomplicated bio-pressure pond filter system
• This system provides quickly and reliably for clear water 
• Various filter materials (special filter sponges)





Input voltage 230V ~ 50Hz
UVC-power 11 Watt
Power 11 W
Hose connection Ø / Inch 19 mm / 25 mm / 32 mm / 38 mm
cable length 4.5 m
Volume / Capacity 25 Liters
Extras/Features Dirt disply
Pond size with fish 6.000l
Pond size without fish 12.000l
Recocmmended flow rate 10.000 l/h



Mechanically and biologically operating pressure pond filter SunSun CPF-380 with integrated 1W UVC pond clarifier.

Technical equipment as well as connections are in the top cover.

The pond filter can be dug without any problems. The pond water can be pumped to higher-lying waterfalls and returned into the garden pond again

Purification and maintenance:
The yearly maintenance is limited to the control of the filter media and the UVC-lamp.

The UVC-lamp should be changed after every 6000-8000 operating hours. Said change is supposed to be most optimal with the start of the pond season in spring. 
The cleaning of the filter sponges is possible by the means of manual backwash. You simply exchange the inlet and outlet. 



Location of the pressure pond filter:
The pressure pond filter is located at the edge of the pond and connected to the water by a suitable pond pump (not included in the supply).

The water is passed through the pond filter past the integrated UV-pond clarifier and led back into the pond, now being purified.



By the way of mechanical filtration, floating particales and dirt remain in the filter and do not return into the pond water.
Pond filter combine the mechanical and biological purification.

Microorganisms accumulate inside the filter materials and remove germs and bacteria from the water. Floating particles and dirt are removed.
It takes about 4-6 weeks for the filter bacteria to settle sufficiently inside the pond filter. Only then it is reasonable to make use of a UVC-pond clarifier. 

It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. 





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