Filter and watercourse pump - Evolution Aqua Perfect Pump 16000

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WATER PUMP PERFECT PUMP Evolution Aqua 16000


Caudal Maximo: 15.900 litros/h

Consumo: 200 W

Altura Maxima: 4,5 metros

Dimensiones: 105x265x125mm



Air Pumps "Perfect" are made in Germany with the highest level of quality.
These pumps are a real value for its price and therefore are robust and reliable.

Designed specifically for ponds and filters, pumps "Perfect" also serve out of water, applied with gravity systems and natural pools.

-Quiet Operation

Thermal-Overload Protection

Bearings and shaft-top quality

-Quick and easy maintenance.

-High hydraulic efficiency for optimal performance.

-Capable of high volume performance with low power consumption.

-Asynchronous motor to ensure smooth operation with low noise. The pump can be used with several different speed controls for regulating the flow interior (accessory).

-1 1/2 "BSP threaded inlets and outlets to allow for easy dry mounting.

Thermal-overload protection with auto re-boot built to protect the engine in case of overheating.

All internal connections are encased with resin as a security measure.

The pump housing is removable for cleaning.

Functional pump case of high quality, with large surface area.

The conference is specially designed pump, moves solids up to 8mm in diameter.

Hose connections, 10m cable and box wrench pump included.

Pump models "Perfect" 13000 and 16000 have an adjustable multi-function connection drawdown and the surface skimmer.



Perfect Pump Water Pump comes in the following sizes:

-Perfect Water Pump 7000  

-Perfect Water Pump  10000

-Perfect Water Pump  13000

-Perfect Water Pump  16000



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