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 Koi Astax is a food to recover the color of a Koi
quickly and safely. Astaxanthan its balanced content and
canthaxanthina guarantees intensified colors without flakes
white stain, thereby increasing the contrast of the patterns.
Astaxanthan is a powerful antioxidant that performs functions similar to
vitamin E, protecting the fish from the pernicious influence of light
The canthaxanthina is a natural color in nature is in
chanterelle mushroom or Amanita. It is a pigment that also belongs to the group of caretinoides, and that
naturally found in the animal world. The canthaxanthina is used to
often in combination astaxanthan to obtain a more red intense.
Koi Astax is also a high protein food with high in
Fish meal quality, ensuring a tasty food
Fish and rapid digestion. Because of this high protein content in this
color enhancer food is also an excellent food for growth.
Allows you to set the color of the young Koi point at a fast
which can make a selection earlier than normal.


Nutritional analysis:

Crude protein: 47.0% Vitamin A: 22500 IU / kg
Crude fat: 6.0% Vitamin D3: 3000 IU / kg
Crude fiber: 1.2% Vitamin E: 200 mg / kg
Crude ash: 7.2% Vitamin C: 300 mg / kg





Alimento Kinsei Astax 6mm available at:

-2.5 kg bags.

-5kg bags.

-15kg bags.


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