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KALDNES K1 Micro Media filtration material for aquariums filters

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Widely recognized 1º as a filter medium in the world

The process "bed in Motion TM" applied Kaldnes K1, has been scientifically tested and applied in fish farms and water treatment facilities for over 10 years.
It is now available for all types of aquatic applications, being exclusively distributed by Evolution Aqua through the world.
The process is specifically designed to achieve optimal conditions for nitrification.
The Kaldnes K1 shaped sprocket and floats slightly, allowing air-adding process, create a small flow of water that circulates through the chamber.




-To replace or change the existing filter media in internal and external filters and dramatically improve the efficiency of filtration.
-Designed to provide maximum capacity for bacteria colonization favorable.
-Middle-suited for use in biological and mechanical filtration.
-Volume-ideal for use in aquariums



What is meant by "self-cleaning"?

Unlike the foam, carpet, or other forms of static filtering means, the Kaldnes K1 is designed to move freely within the filter. The chaotic motion of the air inside the camera causes arising killed bacteria, creating space for colonization by a new layer of bacteria more active. This allows the filter to reach an optimum efficiency, without disturbance to periodic cleaning, avoiding unnecessary loss of bacteria in the filter.





250gr of Kaldnes K1 will clean 50 Liters per day





Packages available:

  • 1 liter.
  • 3 liters.
  • 25 liters.
  • 50 liters.



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