Pond pressure Filter BOYU EFU-8000 + 7w UV Lamp

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Boyu Pressurised Pond Filter with Built-in 7w UV 6000 Litres



Our range of Pressurised Pond Filters with built-in UV Clarifiers are designed to be continuously pressurised by your pond pump, maintaining excellent water quality for healthy fishkeeping.

Water can be fed directly from your pond pump through to the filter container and subsequently the outlet, continuously under pressure. The water outlet can be located higher than the actual filter body, making it easier to disguise around the pond - particularly useful if incorporating a waterfall!

To clean this pressurized system you will need to manually remove the head and wash through the foams. Once done you are able to wash through the foams and divert this excess dirty water away from your pond using the separate cleaning outlet function.

Each unit is supplied with a built-in UV Light with external ballast, which effectively prevents growth of algae and eliminates harmful micro-organisms and parasites which may cause fish diseases.


 Pressurized Filter allows exiting water to run up-hill – Max 3m
 Biological and Mechanical Filter chambers for more efficient removal of dissolved and solid waste
 3 Large Foams Supplied 1 x Fine 2 x Coarse and Bio Balls.
 Enables Rapid Growth of Aerobic Bacteria resulting in removal of Lethal Ammonia and Nitrite
 Able to Cope with Higher Water Flows compared to Traditional Gravity Filters
 Complete with Inlet and Outlet Hose Adapters


 Power of UV-Clarifier: 7w
 Maximum Output: 6000 L/H
 Power: 7w
 Suitable for Ponds with Heavy Stocked Koi up to: 3000 Litres
 Suitable for Ponds with Small Mix of Fish and Koi up to: 4500 Litres
 Suitable for Decorative Ponds up to 6000 Litres volume
 Inlet / Outlet Hose Adapter fits: 25mm, 32mm and 38mm / 1", 1.25" - 1.5"
 Cable Length: 5m Fitted
 Complete with External Ballast with 1.5M of Cable  - Voltage: 220-240v
 Dimensions: 376 x 311 x 393mm / 14.8" x 12.2" x 15.4"



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