Aquael Moonlight LED light blue

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Aquael Moonlight LED light blue 1w aquarium lighting




MOONLIGHT is a LED night lighting for freshwater and marine aquariums.
  It has the shape of a small round module equipped with four blue LEDs with a total consumption of only 1W l.

It can be installed both inside and outside the water, subject to the aquarium glass is made by vacuum inside the aquarium and magnet from the outside.
Focus submersible.
12V technology which produces the device, ensures complete safety for the animals that live in the tank and their owners.
  The strong blue light emitting (moonlight) illuminates the tank perfectly mimicking the moonlight natural.
Ensures perfect conditions for food of nocturnal animals. Has also been shown experimentally that the application of a type of lighting can stimulate the reproduction of so-called "problem" of fish that tend to be reluctant to spawn in the aquarium.

MOONLIGHT LED is perfect for small marine tanks with corals as actinic lighting. Intensifies the effect of fluorescence of corals and makes them more attractive. The dual suspension makes it easy to install almost everywhere, for both the tank glass and the cover or other aquarium equipment. MOONLIGHT LED can also be successfully used for purposes not related to aquaria, for example, for illuminating small closed spaces.

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