Sera KOI Professional 24000 pond filter

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Powerful pond filter for ponds up to 40,000 liters (10,568 US gal.) or Koi ponds up to 24,000 liters (6,340 US gal.)


The sera Koi Professional 24000 Pond Filter provides modern and function and design leading the way: Being space saving and effective, it cleans ponds up to 40,000 liters (10,568 US gal.), Koi ponds up to 24,000 liters (6,340 US gal.).

It is not only constructed according to newest findings in flow technology, but also shines in an attractive outside appearance.

The water flows through 4 purification steps: The water is first treated with pathogen and algae reducing UV-C radiation in the physical one. It flows via a detention chamber into the mechanical purification step consisting of a bowed stainless steel split sieve with 200 µm mesh width. Not only coarse particles are collected here, but also the algae cells previously treated and clogged by the UV-C radiation.

In case of an algae bloom threat (“green water”), two fine mesh filter sponges, which removes even single celled algae from the pond water to be filtered, can be integrated underneath the split sieve with a flick of the wrist. In case the sponges are not cleaned in time, the water runs directly into the biological step via a safety overflow. The water is first distributed by a Matala mat here, then it is enriched with oxygen and trickles over the high performance filter medium sera siporax pond settled by the filter bacteria. The purified water gets back into the pond via a detention step.

Equipment :

  • 1 pc. filter body
  • 30 l/3 x 2 kg (3 x 4.4 lb.) sera siporax pond
  • 1 pc. Matala mat
  • 2 pcs. sera pond pumps PP 12000 (powerful and energy saving feed pump with its beautifully shaped basket)
  • 25 m (27.5 yd.) sera pond hose (Ø 32 mm/1¼")


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