Sera Floredepot 4,7kg

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Sera Floredepot 4,7KG

Will be floredepot

Gravel substrate of long duration for freshwater aquariums which supports the formation of roots. Will be floredepot should be used to set up an Aquarium and to reshape it.

Will be floredepot provides the nutrients they need to develop a real strong and healthy leavesthe plants in the early stages of growth.

Bottom floor literally represents the basis of success of fish and plantcare. It is the means of settlement of essential bacteria that break down harmful waste and serves as a support for the plants.

Will be floredepot contains vital nutrients, valuable humic acids and trace elements and provides to its plants in the phase of establishment (4 - 6 weeks) everything what need you to develop strong roots and leaves of a lush green. Will be floredepot is, of course, free of nitrate and phosphate.

Envase: 4,7 Kg

Also available in 2,4Kg


Shared will be floredepot in the area which has planned to introduce plants.

Take SERA floredepot up to a maximum of 2 cm at the bottom of the Aquarium. Pour over a layer of about 5 cm of thickness of freshly washed fine and dark grain Aquarium gravel or sand River with a granulation of 1.5 mm.

Be sure to not place gravel of sharp grain (e.g. gravel basalt or cooked ceramics), because fish like the coridoras, looking for food at the bottom of the Aquarium can hurt. Choose a dark gravel , never one of a white light, because it would infuriate the fish and cause them stress. In addition, a dark background highlights more splendid ornamental fish colors. Buy exclusively gravel for its Aquarium shops never specialized in building materials or similar stores! Only in this way you will have the security that your gravel does not pollute the water in your Aquarium.



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