Pond Filter Sunsun CBF-350

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Pond and swiming pool Filtration system


Bio-filter CBF-350








When the water of a pond or small pool becomes cloudy, this is caused by floating algae and other microscopic particles. These may be filtered out and removed. Filter multiple cameras without pressure. A complete filtration system for medium and large ponds.


Get crystal clear waters with the biological filter.


The filter design is modular and its components very easy extraction, thus facilitating cleaning and use.


An optical water level warning on the need for filter cleaning.

Filter installation will be above the water level. The required cleaning intervals depend on the amount of fish in the pond. Our experience ranges from a few weeks to several months.







Filter media





Filter material for easy cleaning and removal

Media filter included

Water level indicator


Filter system CBF-350:

Filter Operation

The filtration system uses a variety of filter media distributed to different compartments within the filter chamber, which allows you to filter large volumes of water. This camera has two (2) blue coarse sponge and two (2) Yellow fine included.

The filter has four stages of filtration:

1) First, the water passes through the central chamber (provided with filtration means of choice)
2) Then, water is guided through the filter mat high quality Japanese
3) The water will flow through filter foams provided
4) The last section of the filter chamber has additional space for the filter media.

This box has the following filter hose connections: 2 x Inlet Pipe Sizes: 0.75 "- 1.5" / 19 mm - 38 mm 1 x outlet pipe size of 70 mm / 2


- Measures(mm): 415*515*395
- Max flow. (l./h): 8000
- Inlet hose adapter: 3/4 " - 3/2 "
- Outlet: 70mm
- Suitable for ponds with fishes: 6m3
-Suitable for pond without fishes: 12m²
Filtration System CBF-350:

- PVC balls

- Japanese mat type

- 2 medium sponges

- 42esponjas fine

- Input / Output

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