Sunsun COP 10000 floating fountain water pump

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Floating fountain




SunSun COP-10000 Floating fountain 20000l/h 90W, 1m water column

With this floating fountain your garden pond will become the center of attention.

This floating fountain is not only suitable for ponds, but also for fountains, streams or any other water installation.

The fountain floats on the surface without sinking, so it always stays in the ideal position, even when the water level fluctuates.

This source also has a positive effect on the quality of the water and its animal inhabitants. The generated jet creates a column of water 1 meter high and a spray diameter of 3 meters.

This jet sets the water in motion, thus producing an exchange of gases that increases the oxygen content of the water and helps the filter circuit to break down excess nutrients, which prevents the appearance of algae and the overturning of the pond water.

In addition, aeration contributes to the vitality of the fish, which not only need oxygen to breathe, but also to maintain their immune system in perfect order. A lack of oxygen quickly leads to the spread of fish diseases.

The 90-watt fountain has a flow rate of 20,000 liters per hour.

The built-in filter strainer traps weeds and other particles drawn in by the pump, preventing the fountain from clogging.


Dimensions: 275x252x420mm Water column height: 1m Spray diameter: 3m
Voltage: 220-240V / 50Hz
Cable: 10m
Power: 90W
Max flow: 20,000 l/h

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