Aquarium Air Pump AS-3000

Product no.: LW/Bomba de aire acuarios as-3000/12

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Aquarium Air Pump AS-3000

aeration for aquariums


Nice appearance and wonderful design.

Great deal air output

Without air pollution

Convenient to operate


-Place your Air pump on a shlef or other support system above water level of the aquarium to avoid back siphoning of water when it is turned off.

-Disconnect the plug, once the pump falling down into the water.

-Do not oil at any time

-Clean or replace air tube or air stone regulary to obtain maximum air outlet and longer life


Voltage: 220 - 240V

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Displacement: 2 * 4L/min

Pressure:> 0.02mpa

Cord Length: 63cm

Power: 5W

Air outlet: 2 air outlet

Net weight: 380g


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