Sunsun JMP-5000 pond pump

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Sunsun JMP-5000 water return pump

variable speed with controller 

Max. flow 5000 l/h





Sunsun JMP-5000 Water Return Pump Variable Speed AC

High performance motor with innovative electronics, and energy saving up to 65%
●  Low Noise Operation
●  8 Speed Frequency Variation Pump With controller included
●  Motor protection if rotor is blocked 
●  Used in marine water and fresh water 
●  No copper element
●  With wear-resistant ceramic shaft, longer operation life.





This pump come with the 8 speed controller, you choose between the following speeds.

1st speed.      8Watt       1.9m Lift    1600l/h
2nd speed.    13Watt     2.6m Lift     2000l/h 
3rd speed.     18Watt     3.2m Lift     2500l/h 
4th speed.     23Watt     3.6m Lift     3000l/h 
5th speed.     28Watt     4.0m Lift     3500l/h 
6th speed.     35Watt     4.8m Lift     4000l/h 
7th speed.     42Watt     5.5m Lift     4500l/h 
8th speed.     48Watt     6.0m Lift     5000l/h  






3M Power Cord
240V 50Hz
Model: JMP-5000
Power max.: 48W
Flow rate max.: 5000 LPH
Delivery Height: 6m
Dimensions: 160 L x 92 W x 103 H mm  




















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