Primer HP250 Carlisle 0,95l

Product no.: LW-Imprimación-adhesivo 0,95l/20

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Primer HP250 Carlisle 0,95l.

Pond EPDM glue adhesive




Instructions for use. Stir well until obtaining an optimal mixture of the components of the product. The solid components of the hp-250 primer tend to settle to the bottom.

Stir the product frequently during use (every 15-20 minutes), do not dilute the product.

To avoid accumulated dirt (excess dust, fingerprints, etc.), clean the sheet with hot water and low-foaming soap, then rinse until any residue is removed and let it dry.
Fold the upper part of the sheet about 30 cm to apply on the powdered sheet, abundantly impregnate the joint with Carlisle hp-250. Apply to the surface in circular movements until a thin layer is achieved on the sheet. It can also be applied with a roller.

The surface must be free of scratches, marks or cracks.

Warning: use chemical resistant gloves to protect hands when applying the product.

Extra cleaning is needed along the splice or factory seam of the sheet that crosses a splice.
If using sure-seal or sure-seal ep-95 splicing tape, the adhesive should be applied when the primed surface is dry.

When the product is not being used, keep it tightly closed and protected from moisture.

The storage of the product at more than 32ºC. temperature, can alter its quality and durability. Once the container is opened, the product gels and, after 24 to 48 hours, is unusable. We recommend planning your work well to reduce wastage or loss of the product.

The estimated yield of 1 liter is for 19 m2.

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