Aquazonic 9w UV Sterilizer green algae

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Para acuarios hasta 400 litros y estanques hasta 3000 litros


-Easy installation and maintenance.
-Extra long UV effective hours - 5000 hours.
-Helps obtain and maintain optimal water quality.
-Multiple fittings provided for flexibility in application.
-End indicator for safe and easy cheking of UV lamp.
-Special Quartz glass used for maximum UV penetration and efficiency.
-Clarifies water and controls algae (green water) without chemical usage.
-Highly effective in disease prevention and eliminating harmful bacteria pathogens & fungal spores.


Eliminate and prevent multitudes of aquarium problems with the UV sterilizer. It protects your fishes against diseases by removing harmful bacteria pathogens and fungal spores and improving - mantaining the general water quality. Algae (green water) problems can also be controled constantly without the usage of chemicals. Easily interchangeable fittings allows for easy installation in various applications. The special quartz glass holder allows the UV lamps to operate at maximum penetration and efficiency, while the specially designed end indicator allows for safe and easy checking on the UV lamp.

-Check for breakage before installation and assemble UV sterilizer parts with reference to illustration provided.
-Secure UV sterilizer unit to desired location with supplied smart quick snap clip.
-Switch off aquarium filtration system prior to installation.
-Select applicable nozzle adapter (12/16mm or 16/22mm) and conncet via tubing to filter outlet, install UV sterilizer after filter system for best results.
-Switch on filtration system and ensure there are no leakages.

-Recommended change of UV bulb every 12 months
-Ensure UV lights are switched off before maitenance.
-Clean the quartz glass holder to remove material buildup and dirt, exercise caution to prevent breakage.

-Avoid direct exposre of eyes to the UV light, ensure lamps are shielded before switching it on.esterilizador-germicida-uv-c-9w-clarificador-acuarios-estanque-3.jpg



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