NT Labs Aquasure Tap Water Chlorine Remover 250ml

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NT Labs Aquasure Tap Water Chlorine Remover


treats 4546 liters




Removes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals in fish reduces stress
Easy to Use

Conditioning tap for safe use in ponds, neutralizes chlorine, chloramine and reduces stress on the fish when they move or are manipulated. It is used when filling the pond water tap to make changes directly or pond water. 250 ml is 4546 liters (1000 gallons)

The domestic tap water may contain various substances that can be harmful to the life in the pond. The most dangerous of these substances is chlorine and chloramine. Aquasure removes chlorine and other halogens, heavy metals and other factors that could be toxic to fish and reduces stress when moving to or introduced fish in the pond.

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