NT Labs Pond Aquaclear Algae & Blanketweed Control 250ml

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NT Labs Pond Aquaclear Algae & Blanketweed Control

250ml treats 14.200 liters


Ideal to help prevent pond water turns green. A great anti suspension and filamentous algae in our pond. NT Labs Pond Aquaclear controls algae, algal blooms and filamentous algae by filtering light. It restricts the growth of algae with UV, pale blue tint. Aquaclear was has won the 2007 Best Buy gardening for algae control.

Aquaclear restricts the growth of algae by the use of a long lasting dye that is harmless to other life forms als pond.

To get the maximum effect, use in spring or early summer. Another possibility is to remove all the algae in the pond and then apply the product as indicated. To get complete control, this product should be added once a month, when the color begins to fade. The water turns a blue Agard allows you to view your fish and causes no damage to plants pond.

For best results we recommend using in conjunction with Magiclear - yet both work independently. 250 ml is 14,000 liters (3,132 gallons)

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