Pressure Pond Filter for ponds up to 16000L

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Resun EPF-8000 Pressurized Pond Filter

  • This is one of highest range of external Fish & Pond Bio Filter on market. Efficient filtration for faster breakdown of harmful substances and long operation. Filtration includes mechanical, biological, adsorptive and chemical components. These Bio Pond filter is ideal for cultivating a true biological water component for the inhabitants of your Pond, This filter can support up to 16000L Pond.
  • Ideal and excellent performance use for Koi or Fish Ponds.


  • Multi-layers of mechanical and biological filtration system containing bio-balls (Lot more than other brands) and three layers of bio and filter sponge for removing harmful debris and breeding beneficial bacteria;
  • Innovative backwash system for sucked-in waste auto-removal. (You don't have to hassle disconnect your outlet setting to do cleaning) Compare others
  • Patented design of viewable pressure-alarm indicator for timely reminding of backwash cleaning and maintenance (Handly to operate)
  • The pond filter complete with bio balls, can clean up pond up to 16000L
  • Quite operation;
  • Heavy duty, durable and reliable.

Included free of the following efficient filter medias:

  • Mechanical filtration which consist three phase filtration. From stage-Coarse, medium-coarse and fine filtration. Each phase uses a specially designed foam sponge to effectively remove all sizes of unwanted debris.
  • Biological filtration which consist of Bio Balls. Th Bio-balls providing a habitat for beneficial bacteria to grow. These bacteria naturally convert harmful ammonia and other wastes into healthy nitrates that fertilize aquatic plants and support a healthy pond environment.
  • Cover for filter basket

Technical Specifications:

Recommend pump's flow rate. 2500- 6500 L / Hr

Pond Capacity:Max 16000L

Canister Capacity:20L

Comes with hose connectors

Inlet Tube: 20mm/3/4" 26mm/1" 32mm/11/4"

Outlet Tube: 20mm/3/4" 26mm/1" 32mm/1 1/4"

Waste Outlet: 40mm 1-1/2"

Rating: Continuous



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