Eheim Professionel 3 250 External Filter

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EHEIM Professionel 3 250 Filter


External filter for aquariums up to 120-250 liters

Potente filtro externo para acuarios, funcionamiento efectivo.

Top class filter technology with all conveniences 
professionel 3 is the peak of our professional external filter generation with square basic shape. (Its shape allows it to be fitted into corners taking up less room. Furthermore, it stands more stably and provides larger filter volume.)
professionel 3 filter is available in four sizes for aquariums from 250, 350 und 600 litres as well as large set ups up to 1200 litres. 
  • The models 250, 350 and 1200 XL are also available as a thermofilter.
  • The ultimate is the high-tech range professionel 3e electronic with electronic control also via PC




All professionel 3 Filter distinguish themselves with high water throughflow performance, low energy consumption and all conveniences, like: 
Automatic self-priming 
No more complicated priming methods! Due to the automatic self-priming the filter system fills quickly and is immediately ready to use. 
Safety hose adapter
Unit with two connectors (or 3 connectors for the large 1200XL). For your safety the  hose adapter can only be removed when the hose taps are closed.
The large prefilter positioned at the top traps larger dirt particles and can be quickly cleaned intermediately. Thus the other biological filter media  are preserved, ensuring longer intervals between cleaning. 
Filter baskets 
The filter baskets can be filled to suit individual requirements. They are easy to remove and filter media are easy to clean using the ?Easy Clean? cleaning grill (professionel 3 250/350/600). This significantly simplifies the process.   
Quiet running
EHEIM High Performance Ceramics, that is components made of  high quality ceramics (axles and sleeves of the impeller), ensure very quiet running, high resilience and extremely long service life.
Ready to connect
The professionel 3 Filter 250/350/600 comes complete with EHEIM filter media. For the 1200XL there is a media set 2520800 (available separately).
All models include the necessary accessories: inlet pipe, spraybar, outlet pipe, EHEIM quality hose and installation accessories (1200XL also with prefilter drip tray).
UPC (-)
For aquariums of about. 120 l
For aquariums up to approx. 250 l
Pump power (50 Hz) per hour of approx. 950 l
Pumping head approx. (H max at 50 Hz) 1.5 m
Power(50 Hz) to 12 watt
Filter volume 3 l
Pre filter volume 0.5 l
Container volume 6.1 l
Width 238 mm
Height 358 mm
Depth 244 mm
Installation height 180 cm
Voltage 230 volt
Standard power plug EUR
Packing 1 Part (s)
Packing dimensions(Width) 29.5 cm
Packing dimensions(Height) 40 cm
Packing dimensions(Depth) 24 cm
Hose Ø Suction side(inside) 16/22  mm
Hose Ø Druckseite(inside) 16/22  mm
Freshwater yes
Sea water yes
For outdoor use no

Los filtro incluyen: (excepto modelo 1200XL que no incluye los medios filtrantes).

  • 1 esponja filtrante gruesa (azul).
  • 1 esponja filtrante fina (blanca).
  • Eheim Mech Pro (prefiltro).
  • Eheim BioMech.
  • Eheim Substrat Pro (Canutillos de cerámica).
  • 1 tubo de entrada (2 en el modelo 1200XL).
  • 1 tobera de salida.
  • Codo de salida.
  • Manguera.
  • Bandeja para prefiltro (sólo en el modelo 1200XL).


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