Sunsun CUF-6011 3in1 Filter-Fountain-UVC 11W Clarifier for ponds

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SunSun CUF-6011


 3in1  Filter &  Fountain  &  11W  UV-Clarifier







SunSun CUF-6011. The pond pump offers everything that is needed to keep you pond clean.

For pumps up to 5000 L

The integrated pond pump ensures a continiuos and reliable water circulation. The accessories, which are included in the delivery content, make a usage as pond- and fountain pump possible.

In addition, a filter sponge and 3 filter stages provide an optimal biological cleaning of the pond water.











Filter Media:

- Bio Balls
Bio balls are used in aquaristics as mechanical and biological filter mediat. These balls offer bacteria a large area for their accumulation and are considered to be high performance filter media for powerful filter systems. In contrast to other filter media, bio balls have a virtually unlimited life-span which makes them a popular and cheap filter medium for pond filter systems, trickle filters and chamber filters. 

- Filter Floss - Filter Fleece
Filter media like fleece, floss or sponges are essential in modern aquaristics.
Coarse dirt particles are absorbed by means of filter floss, sponges reduce the nitrate, clean the water of chemical impurities and provide ideal conditions for the settlement of filter bacteria.

- A built-in 11 watt UV clarifier is also part of this compact system.
The pond water is pumped through the housing and exposed to a UV special lamp.

Due to the UVC-radiation of the UV-lamp harmful bacteria and germs are destroyed and algae formation remains under control.








Technical data:

- Input voltage:              230 V/ AC- 50Hz

- Power:                        57W

- Hose connection Ø :   14 / 19 / 25 mm

- Max flow:                    2.500 l/h

- Max. discharge head: 2,50m

- UVC lamp:                  11W

- Cable:                         10m

- Weight:                       5,9m

- Dimensions:                38 x 26,8 x 13,6 cm











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