Bio-Pond Filter Sunsun CBF-350B

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When the water of a pond or small pool becomes cloudy, this is caused by floating algae and other microscopic particles. These may be filtered out and removed. Filter multiple cameras without pressure. A complete filtration system for medium and large ponds.

Get crystal clear waters with the biological filter.

The filter design is modular and its components very easy extraction, this facilitating cleaning and use.

An optical water level warning on the need for filter cleaning.


Filter installation will be above the water level. The required cleaning intervals depend on the amount of fish in the pond. Our experience ranges from a few weeks to several months.


Filter CBF-350B Features:

- 2 cameras with high strength PVC filter caps

First filter chamber:

- Water flow from bottom to top through the filter elements

- Thermometer for temperature control water

- Pilot Optical (water overflow control)

- PVC balls for water filtration

- Material thick Japanese filter mat

- 4 individual removable foam filters half

- Open to empty the chamber

- Camera Size 43.5 x 52 x 42 cm

- Water supply, water flow from the bottom up



Dimensions: 83 x 51,5 x 39,5 cm

Peak Flow Filter: 10000 L / h

Input: 20/40 mm (3/4 "- 

Output:  40/51/72 mm (1½″–3″)

An effective biological filtration system with easy maintenance.

Ideal for ponds up to 30,000 liters to 60,000 liters fish or no fish.

The filtration capacity for normal population fishponds is: 6 x tank volume / day.

The recommended pump capacity (maximum 10,000 l / h) depends on the location and the pipe.

Filters out thus ensuring algae pond water crystal clear.

Very easy to use and clean, as all filter elements are removable and washable.


- Filtration System CBF-350B:

- PVC balls,

- Mats Japanese type

- 4 medium sponges

- 4 thin sponges

- Input / Output


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