Aquarium tanq 100 liters

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100 liters







Aquarium with an incredible cylinder-shaped finish. In white.

They come with a 900 l / h pump in the upper part, with integrated filtration in the lid, it also has an air pump and Led lighting.

These stylish, contemporary-designed aquariums are made from durable, high-quality acrylics.

The lid is manufactured in such a way as to allow easy access without problems to the aquarium water.

This configuration is absolutely perfect for tropical fish, the beautiful design creates a very relaxing environment making this unit a perfect work of art for all settings, for example schools, workplaces and zoos.


  • 900 l/h pump with Venturi aeration.
  • Air pump with air curtain included
  • External filtration system inside the top cover.
  • Led lighting 5w
  • 100 liter model
  • Led lamp power: 5w
  • 3W air pump
  • Dimensions: Diameter 400 mm
  • Urn height: 700 mm
  • Aquarium total height: 1380 mm
  • White color
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