JEBO Clarifier UV-C 11 w

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JEBO Clarifier Sterilizer UV-C 11w

aquarium ponds



JEBO Clarifier UV germicidal sterilizer 11w-H11

UV Sterilizer for freshwater aquariums, marine or ponds. They are effective in the control and eradication of filamentous algae spores, bacteria and protozoa present in water.

It is very beneficial in destroying disease-causing pathogens of fish.

A permanent control over the appearance of algae!

Fast elimination of harmful microorganisms!

Easy installation and maintenance without tools!

Bulb Included!

* It is recommended to replace the UV bulb every early spring, with the rising temperatures.

* Do not look at the UV bulb on, cause eye damage.

* Do not use the clarifier in the presence of drugs in the water.




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