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Special meal for kois pond




I feed with quality of miscellany that offers the only properties.

KINSEI KOI MIX is a luxurious miscellany of three main food of fish koi .

In this miscellany all the good elements of ASTAX , SPIRULINA and WHEATGERM fuse.

This only combination has the following characteristics:

Ingredients of higher quality as the best flour and oil of fish (rich in essential greasy acids Ω-3).

Astaxantina , the paprika and the rich espirulina in carotenoides .

Prebiotic like a food source for the bacteria benefit them of the intestine

The wheat germ rich in vitamin E, essential and mineral greasy acids.

The organic acids.

Of easy digestion

This food of easy digestion improves the nutrients absorption for its koi and reduces the water pollution.

The Mix is a miscellany of four different food for all the fish of the pond. This miscellany of granules of red, yellow, orange and green color contains valuable ingredients that guarantee the state.





  • Wheat
  • toasted soya flour
  • corn gluten
  • corn
  • fish flour
  • fish oil
  • wheat gluten
  • concentrate of protein of alfalfa
  • espirulina
  • wheat germ



Specific composition and additives:

  • Proteína bruta: 40 %
  • Fat: 7%
  • Gross cellulose: 5 %
  • Gross ash: 2 %
  • Total P: 1. 4 %
  • Astaxantina 17 mg/kg




Added vitamins:

  • Vit . TO 25. 300 IU/kg
  • Vit . D3 1. 500 IU/kg
  • Vit . And 223 mg/kg
  • Vit . C (stable) 337 mg/kg



  • E324 etoxiquina 100 mg / kg
  • E321 Butilhidroxitolueno 50 mg / kg



  • E1 iron (ferrous sulfate monohydrated,) 69 mg / kg
  • E2 Yodo (yodato of calcium, anhydrous), 4,6 mg / kg
  • E3 Cobalt (alkaline of cobalt carbonate I monohydrate,) 0,9 mg / kg
  • E4 copper (copper sulfate pentahidratado ) 4,6 mg / kg
  • E5 manganese (oxide of manganese) 18 mg / kg
  • E6 zinc (zinc sulfate monohydrated) 73 mg / kg
  • E8 selenium (selenito of sodium) 0,3mg / kg


Available sizes (Plastic bag):

  • 2 kg
  • 5 kg
  • 15 kg


To keep fresh and dry.

Not to overfeed.


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