Kit Gravity pond filter Jebo 50 IA.Pond filter with UV18w-pump

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Gravity Filter

Kit Jebo Bio Filter 50
for ponds up to 10.000 liters

Jebo SP606 pump, hose connections,
adapters, clamps and filter material



Gravity filtration system Jebo Bio Filter 50 consisting of a double filter pump interior compartment gravitational

Jebo SP606 flow rate max. 6500 l / h  and one UV clarifiers 18w.


It maintains crystal clear water combining UV ultraviolet light and biological filtration.

For the welfare of plants and fish.

Eliminates pathogens and let your water crystal clear pond.

It is very easy to clean.

The UV lamp of 18W eliminate pathogens and floating algae that cause green water.



When the water of a pond or small pool becomes cloudy usually due to microscopic particles and small floating algae. These may be destroyed by UV light integrated UV lamp and then filtered and eliminated.

Filter without pressure, multiple cameras with integrated UV lamp. A complete filtration system for medium to large ponds.

The filter design is modular and easy extraction of components, thus facilitating cleaning and use.




Installing the filter is held above the water level. Required cleaning intervals depend on the amount of fish in the pond. Our experience ranges from a few weeks to a few months.






  • For ponds up to 10.000 liters without fishes
  • For ponds up to 6.000 liter with fishes



The kit includes:

  •       Gravity filter double filtration chamber. Dimensions: 500 x 410 x 470 mm
  •       Filter material (Japanese sea sponge, sponge, bio-balls).
  •       UV-C ultraviolet clarifiers built 1 x 18w
  •       Jebo SP 606 pump with flow 6500l / h submersible and external 75w
  •       PVC flexible hose connection ( 32 mm  diameter )
  •       Stainless steel clamps
  •       Connections and Adapters    



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