Pressure filters

Pressure filters


Different to gravity filters, pressure filters lead the pump pressure through the filter. So are typically used when you need to raise water and architectural ponds, with which they can be buried in the soil and thus not alter the natural look of the garden. Can also be employed below the water level. Thanks to the hermetic filter system, which is secured with a quick release. Cleaning processes offer, with a size of pond and the appropriate filter, coordinated with each other, a perfect base to enjoy a perfectly filtrada.Los water pressure filters are suitable for small to medium ponds.

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OASE Pressure filters - BioPress Set 4000

Product no.: O-50499/OASE Filtros de presión - BioPress Set 4000

319.90 *
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can be shipped within 10 days

OASE Pressure filters - BioPress Set 6000

Product no.: O-50453/OASE Filtros de presión - BioPress Set 6000

438.90 *
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days

OASE Pressure filters - BioPress Set 10000

Product no.: O-50455/ Filtro de presión - BioPress Set 10000

466.80 *
In stock
can be shipped within 10 days

OASE Pressure filter Filtoclear 3000 pond

Product no.: O-55997/oase-filtro-presion-estanque-oase-filtoclear-3000/13

324.90 *
370.80 €
You save 45.90 €

OASE Pressure filter Filtoclear 6000 pond

Product no.: O-55998/oase-filtro-presion-estanque-oase-filtoclear-6000/13

382.00 *
438.00 €
You save 56.00 €

OASE Pressure filter Filtoclear 12000 for pond

Product no.: O-51244/oase-filtro-presion-estanque-oase-filtoclear-12000/13

520.90 *
630.00 €
You save 109.10 €

OASE Pressure filter Filtoclear 16000 pond

Product no.: O-51247/oase-filtro-presion-estanque-oase-filtoclear-16000/13

639.90 *
778.80 €
You save 138.90 €

OASE Pressure filter Filtoclear 20000 for ponds

Product no.: O-50576/oase-filtro-presion-estanque-oase-filtoclear-20000/13

729.00 *

OASE Pressure filter Filtoclear 30000 pond

Product no.: O-50577/oase-filtro-presion-estanque-oase-filtoclear-30000/13

769.90 *

OASE Set Filtoclear Pressure pond filter pump UV-C

Product no.: O-50864-67-1253/oase-set-filtro-presion-bomba-uv-estanque-oase-filtoclear-set/13


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