Gravity pond filters for fish and koi ponds

Gravity pond filters for fish and koi ponds

Gravity filters for ornamental ponds or ponds with fishes, goldfish or kois, are very efficient filtration systems and with easy maintenance.

A pump submerged in the pond leads the dirty water until the gravity filter, which is located above the pond surface.

The water passes through the filter elements and returns to the tank by gravity. The return can feed a waterfall or a small river.

There are gravity filters with one or more filtration chambers. It is recomendable to installed it in combination with a UV lamp.


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Pond open filter Aqua 2 2000L
67.90 €
44.90 *
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Complete Pond filter set  OASE Biosmart Set 5000
339.90 €
259.90 *
You save 80.00 €
Sera KOI Professional 24000 pond filter
1,421.00 / unit(s) *
Pond filter Nexus Eazy 220
1,835.00 €
1,547.00 *
You save 288.00 €
Pond Filter OASE FiltoMatic CWS
Kit Gravity pond filter Jebo 50 IA.Pond filter with UV18w-pump
315.00 €
299.95 *
You save 15.05 €
Pond filter Nexus Eazy 320
1,999.50 €
1,798.00 *
You save 201.50 €

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